Louisiana House Votes To Keep Unconstitutional Anti-sodomy Law

Moore's Law Touches Education At Last — To Techies' Delight - Forbes

The Supreme Court's 2003 Lawrence v. Texas decision invalidated all state bans on gay sex, declaring them unconstitutional. But Louisiana, along with several other states , has refused to strike the provision from state law. On Tuesday, the House rejected a bill, sponsored by state Rep.

During an ed-tech panel discussion in San Francisco Tuesday evening, led by renowned venture capitalist John Doerr, the consensus was that Moores Law is finally making its presence felt in education, too. John Doerr (left) talks education with Brett Kopf, Daphne Koller and Dan Rosensweig (Photo by George Anders) The divorce attorney showcase example of bolder/faster/cheaper involves companies that operate massive, open, online courses, or MOOCs. The fastest moving of them is Coursera, a Mountain View, Calif., company founded just two slips and falls years ago. It now has partnerships with more than 100 universities world-wide and it has processed nearly seven million enrollments for its online classes to date.

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