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Other students and faculty members have also thrown their support behind Herrine and Gertner, drafting a new petition demanding that the subpoenas be withdrawn. Forcing students to turn personal injury lawyer over emails and other private communications in litigation that does not concern them can chill free speech on campus and make students think twice about raising their voice about controversial issues, the new petition reads . This is antithetical to NYUs mission of open academic inquiry and commitment to the public interest. As of Thursday, the petition had over 500 signatures, DNAinfo reports . This is not the first time Strauss companies have been accused of using questionable tactics to intimidate student protestors. In September 2012 , defense attorney NYU students and members of Care One Managements labor unionSEIU 1199 announced plans to rally outside the Law School, in protest of unfair wage cuts at Strauss companies. But the protestors were met by a counter-protest, allegedly comprised of anti-union workers, who were later revealed to be hired thugs in Strauss employ.

The US is closing the door to Russian accession to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and effectively ousting Russia from the G8 by making it the G7 againan action that can only accelerate that institutions creeping irrelevance in international relations. India, by contrast, could be a loser in a second Cold War that re-divides states along a bipolar axis. India also lost out in the first Cold War because of its reluctance to take sides. Although India has progressed from doctrinaire non-alignment to geopolitical pragmatism, it sees itself as a bridge between East and West, not as a partisan. Given the innately self-calculating and self-aggrandizing human nature, strong nations have always sought to gain dominance over the weak. The advent of new technologies and reduced transportation costs has made the world increasingly interdependent.

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