Uk-based Travel Agency Sunshine Acquires Online Review Site
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The purchase aligns with Sunshines strategic goal of facilitating the most informed decisions for travelers seeking the best holidays worldwide. Since acquiring the review site, the agency has tweaked the interface with a more responsive design while maintaining an ad-free experience. Sunshines managing director Chris Clarkson: Were always looking for investment opportunities andrealholidayreports.comlooked like it had real potential.

Washington travel reporting project set for this weekend on OregonLive sailing vacation |

(Terry Richard/The Oregonian) View/Post Comments Follow this website,, for a full weekend of travel blogging on Washington state. Or, read it all Monday when you get to work! I'm spending Sunday night to Thursday night in Washington this week, then will report live this weekend April 19-20 (Happy Easter!) and supplement with published posts and photos I've collected over the years. Washington is my second favorite travel destination but, hey, I have to say that since I work for The Oregonian and OregonLive.

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