What Tiger Woods Is Worth To Golf And Its Advertisers

A Foolish argument You may not like Tiger. You may not trust him.But even a fool can't argue the fact that he's great for the business of golf. In fact, all other "trustworthy" endorsers' value increases about 30% when Woods steps on the course, as he attracts and keeps 30% more eyeballs glued to the television set. Are you ready to profit from this $14.4 trillion revolution? Let's face it, every investor wants to get in on revolutionary ideas before they hit it big.

Golf greens fees set to increase at Denver courses

Nine-hole Harvard Gulchs standard $8 fee would increase to $9. At Evergreen, which has lower prices than most other courses for nine and 18 holes, adult fees for both types on Fridays through Sundays pga will increase by $4, adult fees on other days will go up $3 and all senior fees will increase by $2. Senior fees wont change at the other courses, and all youth fees will stay the same. As part of the proposed changes, parks and rec plans to double the 25-cent diversion from each greens fee that goes to raise more money for its junior golf programs.

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